Street Hawk: The Complete Series DVD box set now available!

Street Hawk: The Complete Series is now available for purchase. Click here for more information on how you can get your copy of this long awaited DVD set. For a complete review of this DVD set, including information on the extras included on the DVD set, click here.

3 thoughts on “Street Hawk: The Complete Series DVD box set now available!

  1. There have been at least two official releases of the Street Hawk pilot movie on VHS. One was from MCA Canada and contained the full 90-minute pilot (actually 76 minutes or so without commercials), and the other was the U.S. MCA release that ran about 60 minutes. There are short bits of footage that are unique to each release (i.e., even though the U.S. version is shorter, it does include a line or two of dialogue not present in the Canadian version). Other differences include a “blue lightning”-style primary weapon in the Canadian version (whereas the red “laser beam” from the rest of the series appears on the U.S. release) and actual stunt jumps on the U.S. tape instead of “matted-in” fake jumps in the Canadian version.

  2. Such a GREAT series. It definitely deserves a very careful REBOOT!! I have the release, it’s awesome, but i gotta say: what a horrendous cover!!!
    80’s in its worst =D

    cheers lads! so glad to have found this site!

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