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Below are three exclusive interviews done for, plus one interview from TWO magazine.  The first interview is with Andrew Probert, designer of Street Hawk.  Andrew came up with the design of the bike used in the pilot episode of Street Hawk.  The second is with Bob Wolterstorff, creator and producer of Street Hawk.  The third interview is with Burton Armus.  Burton was also one of the producers of the series.  The fourth Interview is with Rex Smith, who played Jessie Mach in the series.  Many thanks go out to Dan (HernesSon) for doing the Probert and Armus interviews!!

♦ Interview with Andrew Probert (Interviewed by Dan Rendell (HernesSon)) **
♦ Interview with Bob Wolterstorff (Interviewed by the webmaster of, Josh) **
♦ Interview with Burton Armus (Interviewed by Dan Rendell (HernesSon)) **
♦ Interview with Rex Smith (From Two Wheels Only Magazine – March 2008)

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Below are magazine and newspaper articles that have featured Street Hawk.

♦ MCN 10/15/2003 – Street Hawk on sale… (PDF) (Thanks go to Mark J. Cairns at for the article)
♦ Two Wheels Only – Rex Smith Interview 3/2008 (JPG)
♦ USA Today – Rex Smith’s Luck Runs In Cycles (JPG)
♦ Two Wheels Only – Street Hawk (JPG)
♦ Supertars Magazine – Fact Sheet for Street Hawk