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Post by pentastar » Tue Dec 19, 2006 1:33 pm

As you may remember, I was re-watching my Street Hawk tapes and noting observations that came to mind. My progress kind of stalled after "Hot Target", but now that I'm on holiday (and came down with a cold at the same time) I had some time to watch more episodes.

So, my thoughts on "Murder is a Novel Idea":

- I have always said I severely dislike Stefanie Craig as a character. She's just too flirty and loose. Plus she gets Jesse in hot water with his boss, all the while hanging onto his arm like she somehow owns him.

- There is a whole lot of hinting at the fact that Jesse and Stefanie had "rolled around in the hay" in the past, although the scene in the elevator when Stefanie pulls him in for a kiss by his tie and says they should have some "good clean fun" like old times is none too subtle.

- I think this episode actually doubled the normal quota of scenes with shirtless Jesse.

- This episode is all about answering machines; it starts out with Norman getting messages from Jesse's phone, followed by Stefanie getting her messages using the remote tone generator, Jesse calls his house and gets his own answering machine, and finally Norman finds out where Stefanie is meeting the bad guys by tapping into her answering machine. There's even a reference to her answering machine when Altobelli is listing off the expensive items that weren't stolen from Stefanie's apartment.

- Continuity Error: when Stefanie stumbles upon the thug the first time, he takes off running with nothing in his hands. Then we find out that he got away with some of her reference material. I guess he must have made a few trips to his car before he was finished.

- Norman actually tapped Jesse's phone! When he shows up at the restaurant, Jesse says, "Norman, have you been tapping my phone again?"

- Moment that dates the show: Altobelli lists off some of the expensive electronics that weren't stolen, among which are an electric typewriter and a telephone answering machine.

- The morning after she sleeps at his house, Stefanie is walking around in one of Jesse's football shirts with #46 on it. I wonder if the number 46 was symbolic for something. Maybe the number of partners Stefanie has had? ::)

- There's some obvious foreshadowing going on when they show the beam suspended in the air at the construction site. You just know that beam's coming down later on.

- The thugs drag Stefanie into their office right next to the road with the gate open. Anybody driving by could have looked and seen them.

- I love when Jesse and Norman are watching TV at the end where Jesse presses a button and an alarm goes off which is unrelated to the button he pressed. He freaks out at first, thinking he caused the alarm to go off.

Favorite Quotes:

Catty comment - I love when Stefanie is on the screen and Rachel says, "I guess they're right...television does add 10 pounds." Also reminds me of the quote "The camera adds 10 pounds." "Really, how many cameras were on you at that time?"
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Post by hernesson » Tue Dec 19, 2006 3:29 pm

Tapping Jesse's phone. A little unnecessary one would think, but possibly standard FBI practice for operatives of top secret projects? Pretty interesting stake out though, I'm sure Norman has been evesdropping on many a conversation between Jesse and his lady callers! LoL

Hehe What are the most expensive items a writer owns? A typewriter and her phone! Well, kinda makes sense. The dumb bint doesn't look like she would own anything interesting.

Great observations again Scott.

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Post by telove » Thu Dec 20, 2007 6:42 pm

lol You always make the exact same observations I think of too. I didn't like the lady too by the way. I dont even think she is a good actress, and she pretty wierd looking too sometimes..

The camera add 10 pounds was going to be my favourite quote too :)

One other observation not in that list, is that when she arrives home after talking to Jessy, early on in the episode, she arrives home to her garage door being wide open. They obviously did that to save time so she didn't have to stop on her path, get out and open the door, get in the car again and drive it in etc.. But it does seem odd that her garage door was open that whole time. There was all kinds of junk in there which could have been stolen.

I like that Jessy gets shirtless often, it motivates me to take better care of myself. He is older than me and yet he looks about 10 times fitter :P

He had a wierd shirt on at one point. It was red, and it was kind of like a cropped T-shirt, but I think it might have been see through as well. I remember seeing T-shirts that shape a lot in 80's stuff. Don't think I ever saw a transparent one though.

The bike action wasn't very good in this episode. He drives around a bit, but the only actual action besides saving the little kid at the start, was a simple bit of dodging around when that big slow blundering bulldozer was chasing him.. and then his little zap with the lazer to stop the guy at the end. Not bad, but I do wish they made more of the action sequences in these episodes. That's why most of us watch them after all. The stories are decent.. but if I want story, I'll watch something else. It's all about the cool bike making feel all giggly like a big kid! :) The episode before this is probably my favourite in that respect.
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