More observations

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More observations

Post by janice » Tue Feb 13, 2007 5:19 pm

1. Stephanie tells the reporter that the girl was raped by two men, but only has one pegged for her murder. Did she just dismiss the other man?

2. Norman meets them at the restaurant. Previously, Norman and retrieved Jesse's phone messages from his answering machine, but Jesse took the call from Stephanie. Is Norman tapping his phone now?

3. Norman says he will access Stephanie's home computer. I don't know if anyone remembers phone modems back then (like in Hot Target), but you had to manually put the phone handset into the modem cradle. Unless Stephanie left hers hooked up, Norman could not access her computer.

4. Jesse and Stephanie are drinking coffee in Jesse's kitchen. He makes sure to put coasters under their cups then sits crossed legged on the counter with his shoes on. Coffee rings are a no-no, but shoe dirt is fine. :P

5. Stephanie brings her cat to Jesse's, but no litter box. I hope they let it out. I guess the beach is one big litter box.

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