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Post by hernesson » Fri Feb 02, 2007 3:02 pm

Has anyone heard of the cable series, DANGER THEATRE? It was a spoof series in the 90's which comprised of mainly two recurring themes.
The first segment (usually 15 minutes) was "The Searcher," (a parody of Knight Rider and Street Hawk) ; the adventures of a supernatural, black-clad biker, who rushes to the aid of people who express their need for help. He got distracted by every beautiful woman he saw, and absurdly extreme close-ups were used to show his emotional reactions to everything! :D
The Searcher is also an impossibly uptight, deep-voiced champion of the underdog who undermines his otherwise daunting presence by being massively clumsy and accident-prone!!! Luckily, he is near to indestructible - even when an aeroplane crashes on him in the credit sequence, he is left unscathed. ;D

Now, this was meant to have been a (sort of) Street Hawk remake/rip-off for the Nineties. It lasted longer too, but the hero's name didn't improve much... "Zach Stone." (personally, they should have gone for something like "Max Power" ;D)

"An astronaut-turned-cop battles crime in the "inner-core" of Metroplex in the year 2020. After learning of his brother's murder he enlists the help of an electronic genius to transform himself into a justice machine."
Funnily enough, he had a Robocop style race suit which emmited a powerful force field which deflected bullets etc.

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