They don't make'm like they used to..

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They don't make'm like they used to..

Post by janice » Fri Feb 16, 2007 5:53 pm

I sure miss the old crime shows. I have been watching "Rockford Files" on Sleuth TV lately and had forgotten how good it (and James Garner) was. It was the good old days when it was all good clean crime and car chases. No out of last week's headlines stories and no social soapboxing (I really hate those shows). If I wanted this stuff, I'd watch the news. Once a show gets into "social issues" instead of entertainment, they usually start to go down.

Has TV and it's writers lost their imagination?


They don't make'm like they used to..

Post by hernesson » Fri Feb 16, 2007 6:49 pm

Don't. The whole subject makes me very agrivated.
I kind of fall between the two if I'm honest. To a certain extent tv should reflect real life and reflect things which are going on around us. Not all the time though, it depends on the programme, and certainly not to the extent that many series are constantly now shoving topical issues down our necks. I agree that shows (mostly written by middle-class left-wing people) try to be preachy and messagey to the detriment of everything else.
Airwolf went down hill for instance when the network retooled it and wanted it to appeal to a more family audience, and all of a sudden we got episodes about social issues - disabled people, and geeky kids.

Recently, the BBC - for many years the bastien of good morals and decent entertainment in Britain - gave us yet another installment of the Robin Hood tale. It's a good story and I am one for championing the idea that ever generation should have their own Robin Hood. For my generation it was Michael Praed's Robin of Sherwood. For some, Richard Greene and Douglas Fairbanks. Well, what do we have for the Noughties generation? Robin in the Hoodie! A horrendous, O.T.T politically correct mess that tries to put modern day sensibilities into Medieval England.
But I digress.

Have writers lost their imagination? Some, yes. So many series look and sound like each other. We have shows which are remakes of older, successful shows, only far worse.
There still are good, imaginative writers out there with good ideas, but they are not being listened to because tv companies have a set idea what we (the viewer) want to see. They only tend to want "safe bets" and don't like to take risks.

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