Collier & Co. Hot Persuit

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Collier & Co. Hot Persuit

Post by pentastar » Thu Apr 10, 2008 11:29 am

I got the Collier & Co. Hot Persuit movie on Netflix that spyhunter gave us a heads-up on. By the time I had received it, I had forgotten that Rex Smith was in it, so it was a shock to me when I realized he was playing Uncle Billy. Compared to some of the amateur acting in the movie, Rex was pretty good. But it's also obvious his age has caught up to him; he fit into the "Cooter" mold pretty well.

There are some redeeming aspects to the movie. Anybody who loves Dodge Chargers or the new Shelby Cobra will definately enjoy how much screen time those two cars get. It's kind of fun to watch a movie where the bad guys aren't really that bad, and almost kind of likeable. And seeing moments where Rex Smith's personality that I grew up with on Street Hawk come through in this movie were a treat as well. Some of the pokes and inferences at the Dukes of Hazard were fun as well. There's even some pretty decent action/driving scenes, particularly the helicopter chase.

However, if the above doesn't sound like enough to make a watchable movie for you, then this movie will definately be a dissapointment. It's a privately funded movie by John Sneider; he even starts the movie with a short intro which attempts to explain (or maybe apologize for) the movie's somewhat home-made appearances at times. Some of the "actors" (John's family and friends) are awful and don't even attempt to be believable.

Overall I'd describe the movie as a pretty good Youtube-style film. And I liked it more than the stupid Dukes of Hazard movie that came out a few years ago. If I was to compare the two, I'd say the Dukes movie was a polished turd, wheras Collier & Co. was more of a diamond in the rough.

The really really rough.
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