Dismantling a helmet

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Re: Dismantling a helmet

Post by JON1482 » Wed Mar 08, 2017 6:04 pm

Hi David. The hard expanded polystyrene shell is glued to the outer shell, to remove it you would have to destroy it so thats a no go. The soft grey sponge I'm guessing has mostly disintegrated over time but the thicker pieces at the base of the helmet should just pull out. The plastic cresecent shaped piece around the mouth guard will pull away and go back into place with ease, there are two tiny spikes and a line of putty like adhesive that remains sticky. The strap is held on with 4 screws and can easily be removed.

I have relined mine with 3mm adhesive backed neoprene that I purchased off ebay a while back. Worked a treat.

Good luck with the paint work.

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