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I was picking up all the 13 bikes that I bought from Universal Studios and I couldn't get Rex off my bike.
Rex baby; these have to all go. The show is over! I bought all these now! Rex: But I'm Jesse Mach, Streethawk! We know you are and we love you! I hated to see a grown man cry! Lol! :D No, really his foot was caught in the airfoil and couldn't move........ ;)

In the picture: This was the only bike that I found that had the machined round plate on the side on the body panel and a fully functional airfoil. This bike was outside and on display next to the Knight Rider Car. It had a little sign on it stating this was the Streethawk Bike. After picking up all the bikes, I had to go with the purchasing guy to go get this bike on display and wheel it back to my U-haul. So, out of the 2 XR's, only one was fully functional that I found. The bike that Rex was sitting on was the only bike that had the rear piece holding the back seat up was one piece and part of the side panels. The other XR500 had this piece separate.
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