Airwolf and Street Hawk, revisited

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Re: Airwolf and Street Hawk, revisited

Post by jack » Tue Feb 14, 2017 2:10 am

Well they were all meant to be different. Airwolf was meant to be darker. People died in each episode and it appeared to have been based somewhat on Firefox. I actually liked that Streethawk took time to establish the characters before plunging into the premise of the show.
Knight Rider was the prototype for all of these kinds of shows but a lot of it didn't hold up very well. Frequent minor facelifts showed that things had room to improve and the episodic nature did get a bit dull very quickly. Luckily SH never really had time to get boring but I suspect that might have happened. Many of the screened episodes could have completely done away with the bike, similarly with every episode of Airwolf after the first series.
I think it would have been interesting to see where SH might have gone with more time. It was trying to set up a villain that was hiding behind the scenes and was one of the first of these shows to try doing that. A lot of the early episodes didn't have interesting stories or exciting premises but it never had a chance to go anywhere. Most shows don't find their stride straight away and from that point of view, Streethawk did get off to a pretty good start.

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