crazy idea

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crazy idea

Post by mikenyc » Wed Oct 15, 2008 6:20 pm

I think we should start a petition to have street hawk included in the terrible knight rider show. What does everyone think? I think it's worth a shot. I think I could get a lot of people to watch the show be settle some arguements about who could take who.

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crazy idea

Post by pentastar » Thu Oct 16, 2008 12:58 pm

I haven't seen an episode of the new Knight Rider yet because it looks like Viper all over again, but that sounds like a really cool idea. Even if it was just a short cameo or homage to Street Hawk, that would be really cool and sort of tip their hat to the super vehicle shows from our generation. Along those lines, maybe they could even have an Airwolf in there for good measure.

I don't know if a petition seems applicable in this case, but if you could somehow forward your idea to the story writers it might take off on its own.

Let me know if you have any success, and of course if your idea makes its way into the show then I may have to tune in for at least one episode of what looks like an otherwise awful reinterpretation of the original.

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crazy idea

Post by shtvseries » Thu Oct 16, 2008 2:05 pm

"Viper" is a far superior show to the current "Knight Rider", and the similarities between the two and far more than merely coincidental. "Viper" had much more in common with the original "Batman" series than it did with the original "Knight Rider", the only similarities between original KR and Viper relate to the super-vehicle used, and they weren't even that similar. Many other shows before KR had a super-vehicle in a starring role, "The Green Hornet" anybody? ;)

Basically, I'd summarise it by saying that there was a hint of "Knight Rider" in "Viper", but the new KR STINKS of Viper.

I'd just be happy to see the Viper Defender blow the living crap out of KI3T. Not that I'm like, biased or anything.... :)

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