Post your Street Hawk fan fiction here!

Post by hernesson » Wed May 31, 2006 11:05 am

I'm no Poet Laureate, but I thought I'd have a bit of fun here. Feel free to contribute your own. :-)

Ode to Street Hawk

Jesse is one hell of a guy,
But sometimes often very sly,
Norm is nerdy, quiet and shy,
But his brains do make Street Hawk fly,

From his computers he barks orders by the score,
As Street Hawk's engines start to roar,
From its hide-out the black Avenger tears,
Down abondoned streets, to criminals lairs.

L.A is rife with low life scum,
Those crime bosses seem so very dumb,
Jesse comes to save the day,
With his bike's red laser ray!

Criminals hide and quake in fear,
For police sirens they soon hear,
Street Hawk rides to fight another day,
And for a second f**kin' series we all must pray! ;D



Post by janice » Wed May 31, 2006 11:43 am

I must have inhaled too many paint fumes. :P

How about a haiku?

Jesse rides in black.
Norman mans command center.
The city is safe. (or The show is canceled)

I must go paint now.
The walls are still unfinished.
I must continue.

Help me!!! I'm speaking in haiku. :-X



Post by hernesson » Wed May 31, 2006 4:15 pm

Excellent! I haven't heard haiku in ages. Like most things Japanese it's totally bonkers and bizarre.
Well, I did have a prepared sestinas which took me 1/2 an hour to work on, and then the computer crashed and I lost it all! :-(

Any more poets out there????

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Post by stef2 » Wed May 31, 2006 5:38 pm

Street Hawk, it is very good
but it can't be ate like chrimbo pud.

Jesse is a loose cannon
he is a little bit crazy
and he wasn't put off at all
by the site of ugly Don Swayze.

Jesse's boss is always mad
his name is Altobelli
Then there's saucy rachel
who's probably a little bit smelly.

Will Gastner fancied Rachel
He wanted a quick fumble
but I couldn't understand a word he said
cos all he did was mumble.

Joe Cannon was quite naughty
he had an icy stare
but the thing that was so chilling
was his terrifying hair!

When Jesse trained for Street Hawk
It really was a task
why must we always see the crew
reflected in his mask?

(oh, I could go on...) ;D
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Post by janice » Wed May 31, 2006 7:13 pm

How about a nice limerick somebody? Notice I said NICE limerick. ;D Keep it PG.

Dan, about the haiku, you forgot the best part. It's short, lol.



Post by hernesson » Thu Jun 01, 2006 4:36 am

Mercifully so! :-)

Aw, poor Rachel. Poor, smelly, Rachel! ha :-)

A limerick you say?

There was a young stud called Mach,
Who was always out on a lark,
He had school boy looks,
And he went after those crooks,
God, Street Hawk looked so cool in the dark!


** A brief appreciation of the series **

Corridi had a wobbly van,
When Street Hawk turned up, those crooks soon ran,
Jesse made the bike do a 360 degree flip,
For that you need a very tight grip.

Clooney turned out to be Jesse's best mate,
But he got killed, how about that for fate?

Linda Martin showed Norman all she had,
But Jesse missed out which made him mad.
Off to rescue a damsel in distress,
It's up to the court of justice to sort out this mess.

Jesse helps a rock star who's anti on drugs,
She is being chased by some hoodlum thugs,

Arson is then the name of the game,
But who to point the finger of blame?
Gassner and Rachel go out for a date,
Street Hawk appears not a moment too late.

To Chinatown and one of Jesse's old flames,
These girls do love to play their games,

Bianca Jagger, all shoulder pads and hairy,
Her looks, well they are kinda scarey.
The money was hidden in the hull of a boat,
Gault was taken for such a dote,

Some crooks have stolen a hi tech laser,
Mona loves Norman, will nothing phase her?

A writer has a novel idea,
But it's those bad guys she has to fear,
She means to find who Street Hawk is,
All this sends Norm into a tizz.

A prize winning horse is given the switcheroo,
This episode seemed so rather poo,

Ann Turkel is an ugly assasin,
All dressed in Eighties fashion,
Altobelli squares off to his ultimate foe,
With much haste Street Hawk has to go.

A gold shipment is thwarted,
Command Centres Phone lines are wrecked,
Soon after the show is no more,
Those executives should be decked!

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Post by stef2 » Thu Jun 01, 2006 8:25 am

There was a young rider called Mach
who rode a bike which truly did rock
When he sat on it too soon
the seat launched him up to the moon
and now I've got poets block. ;)



Post by janice » Thu Jun 01, 2006 11:48 am

How about -

That bike really did clean his clock?

Norman needs to add a new lock?

Maybe I'll stick to the haiku.



Post by hernesson » Thu Jun 01, 2006 12:31 pm

"The Gals I like in Street Hawk" making apologies to Janice and any female reading this. I'm a man, what can I say? :-)

Jayne Modean was very pretty,
Why they didn't keep her, that's a pity.
That nice little waitress with her sailor suit,
In those tight shorts she look very cute!
Rachel, well, she looked kinda okay,
In her younger days she rocked I'd say! :-)

Corrido can keep his bikini beauties,
The Vegas Showgirl, she had cooties,
Stefanie Craig should stick to writing,
In the daylight she sure looks frightening,
As for Mona, she looks like a book clerk,
But when she lets down her hair she ain't far from the mark.
Lilli is abit of a honey,
But isn't one of her eyes a little funny?
Deborah Shane is a rock chick,
Right up Jesse's ally, she's a little bit thick!

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Post by pentastar » Thu Jun 01, 2006 3:13 pm

I tell ya, Janice really comes up with some interesting ways to keep this board alive and buzzing.

I think I'm going to try going the limerick route, devoting them to the bad guys of each show:


Corrido was a guy I call Doc,
He chased Jesse in his big black truck,
Till he drove off a cliff
his truck went "biff"
And then poor Doc was out of luck.

A Second Self

A car theif loses his son,
So he tries to get Street Hawk on the run,
He hires Jesse's best friend
To bring Street Hawk to an end
But they both die before the deed is done.

The Adjustor

Jesse gets a partner with an ugly mug,
But the imposter turns out to be a thug,
For the cash the bad guy dashes
But not before the building crashes
And so he ends up getting squashed like a bug.

Vegas Run

A crime boss had an ugly showgirl lover,
Who had to run and go undercover,
He tried to keep her quiet
But Street Hawk didn't buy it
So in court his evil crimes were discovered.

Dog Eat Dog

Another Debbie Gibson wannabe,
Saw something she wasn't supposed to see,
So they hired a hit man
But Street Hawk foiled their plan
In the dumbest Western gunfight you'll ever see.

Fire on a Wing

This time Street Hawk had to fight,
A bad guy in an ultralight,
But the bad guy couldn't hock it
Cause when he tried to fire a rocket
Street Hawk shot him down in mid-flight.

Chinatown Memories

The bad guys in Chinatown Memories,
Are chasing a girl who isn't Chinese,
They want to get the statue
But I'm gonna have to bet you
Street Hawk blows them all to smithereens.

The Unsinkable 453

This woman hid her money in a boat,
To keep her plans for power all afloat,
But her partner went astray
Street Hawk knocked him in the bay
And so her evil plans were "All she wrote."

Hot Target

This time the Street Hawk team,
Had to fight a guy with a laser beam,
Norm tried to save the day
Until Street Hawk got into the fray
And the evil plan ran out of steam.

Murder is a Novel Idea

Two guys think Jesse's old flame will,
Spill the beans, really she's just a pill,
They think she'll tell the truth
But she did not have any proof
And I wish Jesse had just let her be killed.

The Arabian

This time the bad guys were sure,
That their plan would be of genius quite pure,
They kidnapped a fake horse
But Street Hawk stopped them of course
And the whole episode was as good as horse manure.

Female of the Species

This was a strange group of crooks,
Based upon their cross-dressing looks,
One guy dressed as a nurse
The woman was even worse
Who for a man I would have easily mistook.

Follow the Yellow Gold Road

When it comes to the last villains on the show,
Were they good? I don't really know,
The plot was so lame
The acting such a shame
That when I get a chance to see it, I say "no".

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