"Norman's Nemesis"

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"Norman's Nemesis"

Post by pentastar » Thu Aug 24, 2006 12:17 pm

The last commercial from the commercial break wraps up: "...you're not fully clean unless your ZESTfully clean!"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Back at Command Center, Jesse runs out of the changing room, clothed in his black jumpsuit with silver stripes, his shiny black helmet under his arms. He checks the map to find Norman. The blinking light isn't moving anymore, and Jesse can't seem to locate it among all the other flashing lights on the map. "Oh great, I lost him!" Jesse puts his helmet down on the console and begins looking around, hoping to find the controls for Norman's tracking device. Not being very technologically inclined, for Jesse it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. "It's no use," thinks Jesse out loud, "all thes buttons look the same. Come on, Jesse, think...where could it be?" As he looks around, he notices that the control module is getting a little dusty. Norman has been busy these last few months, so busy he hasn't had time to clean. That gives Jesse an idea. He starts looking at the dust on the various sections of the console. He notices one particular panel is a lot less dusty than the others. "This must be a new panel." The panel has 4 buttons and a knob, but no markings. Of course, Norman would know exactly what each button does, but to Jesse they mean nothing. "Let's just hope this isn't the self destruct module." Jesse presses the yellow button.

- - - - - - - - - -

Back in the warehouse, Norman is staring wide-eyed down the barrel of Phil's revolver. Phil's gum chewing comes to an abrupt stop, he sets the trigger and tenses up for the shot. Norman knows what is coming and realizes this is the end. Thoughts flash quickly through his mind, the years he spent in college dedicated to his studies, his internship with the US Government, his 3 years of apprentice work for Kirby, and finally his very own project, Project Street Hawk. But then his mind shifts to other thoughts, happier thoughts...and also sadder thoughts. He thinks of his childhood, growing up in Montana on the ranch, helping his dad tinker with the tractor, his mom always brooding over him, making sure his hair is combed and his clothes are neat. He remembers not coming home for Thanksgivings and Christmas because of college and his work. He remembers Mona, the time they shared, her laughter and her soft, caring eyes. He remembers driving her to the airport, his stomach churning, wanting to say something but choking it down. He remembers his new friend Jesse, his carefree demeanor and good heart. He remembers when Jesse told him on the beach that he considered Norman his friend. And he remembers all the times he's yelled at him over the project, yet Jesse puts up with him. Finally, he remembers Jesse falling down after Phil's gun tore a hole through his shirt.

For that moment as Norman's life flashed before his eyes, time seemed to stand still. Then, all of a sudden as if torn from a dream, a loud noise awoke him. But it wasn't the sound of a gun. It was a loud honking noise. Phil spun around, Jesse's Mustang was honking and the lights were flashing. Norman realized what it was, Jesse must have pressed the panic button back at headquarters. Phil was momentarily distracted. Norman lept into action. He jumped up and ran shoulder first into Phil's side. Not expecting the blow, Phil was completely off balance and fell awkwardly to the floor, the pistol discharging harmlessly into the air. Norman wrestled with him on the ground, not sure how he was going to win this match. But he fought on, his willpower overcoming his physical shortcomings. He had some unfinished business to attend to; some people that he needed to see. No, Norman was determined that it wasn't his time to go yet.

- - - - - - - - - -

Back at Command Center, Jesse finally sees the blinking light on the map that is his car. He identifies the location, grabs his helmet, and presses the launch button on the console. The blast shields begin to close, and Jesse runs to his trusty steed. "I'm coming for you, Norman!"


"Norman's Nemesis"

Post by janice » Thu Aug 24, 2006 2:57 pm

First Phil then Norman hit the floor of the warehouse with a thud. The gun falls from Phil's hand and skitters across the floor. Both men roll and wrestle toward the gun's position trying to reach it before the other. Phil has is just within his grasp when Norman strikes his arm causing Phil to drop the weapon and it slides across the floor again. Enraged, Phil turns and lunges at Norman. Norman rolls to his right and pushes himself to his feet as Phil lets out an primal howl at missing Norman again. Phil is within reach of the gun again. Norman takes his opportunity and runs through the maze of pallettes stacked high with barrells. Who knows what is stored in them. One bullet could blow the whole place sky high. Norman realizes he must find an exit and get back to the car.


Jesse pushes the limits of good sense weaving through traffic trying to get out of the city. Once he hits more open roads, he opens the bike up full throttle. "Let's see what this baby can do with just me at the controls" he says to himself. He would gladly have Norman controlling things back at command center. If he ever needed hyperthrust it is now. Once he has Norman back at command center safe and sound, they are going to have a talk about automating hyperthrust. "Hang on Norman. I'm almost there buddy."


"Norman's Nemesis"

Post by janice » Tue Sep 05, 2006 1:49 pm

Street Hawk roars through the gate at the waste disposal facility. Seeing his car parked out front, Jesse slides the bike to a stop spewing loose gravel from the tires. He looks around for any sign of Norman and Phil. Sounds of a struggle come from inside the warehouse. Jesse zooms in on the open door, but all he can see is movement. It's impossible to tell which man is which. He looks around for another entrance and spots a cargo bay on the side of the building. Jesse heads the bike toward the bay door. He stops and aims the bike's laser and the door. It hits the floor with a crash. Jesse revs the bike and using vertical lift, propels himself into the building.

Inside the warehouse, Norman has broken away from Phil and is running toward the side exit. Phil has retrieved the gun and is aiming at Norman's retreating figure when a large crash sounds behind him. Phil turns toward the noise and is facing a dark figure on a motorcycle. Phil fires at the intruder. Jesse ducks and weaves the bike further into the warehouse and out of Phil's sight. He is targeting Phil when he hears Norman yell, "Don't fire in here! It's too dangerous!" It is then that Jesse takes notice of all the barrells stacked one on top of another. Each is labeled "hazardous".

Norman's outburst draws Phil's attention. He fires back at Street Hawk's direction and run's toward Norman's voice. Norman realizes the need to draw Phil outside the building. He starts knocking over items to keep Phil's attention and draw him toward the side door he has just spotted. Norman reaches the door with Phil not far behind him, only to find the door locked. It can only be opened with a key. Frantically he looks around. There's forklift to his right. Norman runs fo the machine. Luckily, the keys are in it. He starts it up and rams the locked door. On the second try, the door swings open just as another bullet from Phil's gun hits the lift. Norman turns the equipment toward Phil. He runs toward Phil causing him to duck for cover. Norman jumps off the lift and runs out the door. Outside, Norman realizes one miscalculation - there is no cover. He sprints toward the front of the building as Phil exits the side door. Phil spots Norman and fires. Norman dives for the ground and rolls in
the dirt.

Meanwhile, Jesse makes his way across the warehouse. Phil is so intent on Norman, he does not seem to even notice the motorcycle behind him. Through the open door, Jesse sees Phil raise the gun to fire at Norman again. Jesse races the bike forward and through the open door. Using his foot, he kicks Phil backward to the ground as he lands the bike on the ground and turns to face Phil and Norman.

"Norman, are you all right?" Jesse asks, his voice sounding mechanical through the visor.

"Yeah. I'm ok. Are you ok? I mean...Thank goodness you are here." Norman answers looking at Jesse to assure himself he is not injured.

"I'm fine" Jesse answers.

Norman gets up and dusts himself off. He walks over and picks up Phil's gun. As Phil starts to stir, the sound of a helicopter arriving fills the air. "I alerted the Feds" Jesse says when Norman looks at him questionably. "I thought you would rather have them handle this."

The helicopter lands nearby and armed Federal agents disembark.
"Yeah. Good thinking. Thanks. You had better go. I'll handle things from here." Norman nods toward the copter.

Jesse nods, wheels the bike toward the gate, and roars off back to command center.


"Norman's Nemesis"

Post by janice » Fri Sep 15, 2006 3:53 pm

Back at command center Jesse paces the floor and checks his watch every couple of minutes. Why is this taking so long? Okay, he's a cop and knows there are procedures that have to be followed. It's just more difficult to be on the other side of the procedure book. Hearing the front door open Jesse spins around and races toward the door. He greets the haggard looking Norman. "Well. What happened"?

"Nice to see you are okay too." Norman replies.

"Sorry" Jesse apologizes. "I'm a little anxious I guess. Is everything ok? What happened to Phil? What happened with the Feds?"

"I'm fine. Phil is being taken to a nice federal mental facility for evaluation" Norman answers as he collapses into his chair. "He will be evaluated to see if he is capable of standing trial, but it's doubtful. He's pretty much gone off the deep end. Poor guy."

"Poor guy?! He tried to kill both of us! I hope he stays locked up for a long time." Jesse says emphatically.

"I know, but the Phil I knew was a brilliant scientist. It's sad to see his life reduced to this." Norman answers. "I am just glad he failed.
I thought he had killed you and was going to kill me too."

"Thanks to that vest you insisted I wear we are both alive. That certainly was a close one. I didn't know if I could get there in time without hyperthrust. We're a team. If this didn't prove it, nothing will. I'm glad you are back at the controls."

"It's good to be back. Let's make sure this team stays together for a long time." says Norman.

"Hey, I'm starving. Let's go out for Chinese." Jesse says heading for the door.

"No. I think I'll just stay here. I've got some work to catch up on..." Norman trails off.

Jesse interupts, "Come on, Norman. Get out and live a little or you are going to end up like Phil."

Norman looks up startled thinking about what Jesse has said. "You're right. I do need to live a little. Let's go eat. And when we're through can you drop me by Mona's? It's time we had that date I missed."

"That-a-boy, Norman." Jesse encourages as he pats him on the back as they exit command center.

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"Norman's Nemesis"

Post by pentastar » Tue Oct 03, 2006 3:15 pm

Jesse's yellow Mustang pulls up to Mona's townhouse. Norman and Jesse are finishing a lighthearted argument, "Norman, I don't care if you had the best of intentions...next time you want to add one of your gadjets to my car, you need to ask me first."

"If I had not installed that alarm and tracking system to your car, I'd be dead now...are you saying you'd rather I be dead?"

"Of course not, Norman...but just ask next time. Now go have fun on your date!"

"Thanks for driving, Jesse."

"Ahh, no problem...like I said, I've been meaning to visit an old friend up here."

Norman climbs out of Mustang, and starts walking for the door. Jesse calls out, "Hey Norman!"

"Yeah?" Says Norman, turning and rubbing his hands together nervously.

"You forgot something," Jesse reaches back and pulls out a bouquet of flowers.

"Right!" says Norman, quickly shuffling over to grab the flowers, "Thanks!"

"Anytime," says Jesse, and drives off into the night.

Norman walks up to the door, checks his clothes to make sure everything is in order, reaches into his pocket and drops a couple Tic-Tacs in his mouth. Then, clearing his throat, he rings the doorbell. In just a few seconds he hears footsteps coming. His heart starts racing. Norman thinks to himself "I wonder what was more brave of me...charging Phil when he had a gun on me or going on this date."

The door opens, "Well, hello Norman Tuttle...don't you look dashing," says Mona in a flirtatious tone.

Norman works to regain his composure, "Thanks...umm....you look fantastic Mona!" he says, eyes beaming with admiration.

"Why thank you, Norman," says Mona, blushing a little.

They stand there, like two schoolchildren, awkward, embarassed, but in love. Norman realizes he's almost crushing the stems of the flowers he's holding. He passes them to Mona, "Here you go, I got these for you."

"Oh, they're beautiful...I'll go put them in water. Why don't you come in?"

"Umm...okay, sure!" says Norman, trying to act normal but looking as awkward as he felt. He thinks to himself "How does Jesse do it? He's so natural with women."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Jesse's Mustang pulls into a park and stops. Jesse gets out of the car. He reaches behind the driver seat and pulls out another bouquet of flowers, then shuts the door and walks into the park. It's nighttime but the park is well lit in the moonlight. He stops and bends down; there are little marble plaques spaced evenly all around the park with peoples names and dates carved into them. He places the flowers next to a plaque enscribed "Kevin Eguene Stalker, May 7, 1961 - April 9, 1985"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Norman looks around Mona's living room while she puts the flowers in a vase. He stops to check out the big screen TV she has. Technology fascinates Norman, and so he stands there examining the television. Mona walks out and sees him there, staring at her TV.

"It's a projection TV, Norman."

Norman turns around, "Wow, you serious?"

"Yes, Norman...you act like you've never seen one before."

"Well, to be honest, I haven't. I haven't had much time away from work to get out and do things like shop, travel..."

"Date," interjects Mona with a smile.

"Yeah...date," says Norman.

"Well, high-tech Tuttle, would you like to see how my TV works?"

"Oh...no...no...that's fine."

"Norman Tuttle...I know you, you're just itching to see how that thing works. Your an engineer's engineer!"

Norman laughs, "You really know me, Mona."

Mona walks up to him and takes his hand, "Only a little...I'm hoping we'll get to spend more time together so I can get to know you even better."

Mona reaches down, picks up the remote, and turns the TV on. Norman, goes up to the screen to look at it. Mona watches him examine it with wonder and fascination. "It's not like a normal TV, it really looks best only if you look at it straight on," she points out.

"Yeah, that's interesting...they're using a diffractor screen to polarize the light and direct it outwards."

As they are looking at the TV, a news report comes on. "A suspect is on the loose in Los Angeles tonight and police are asking people to be on the lookout for this man." Mona drops the remote control and gasps. Norman turns to look at her and asks, "What is it, Mona." Mona doesn't speak but points at the TV. Norman turns and sees Phil's face plastered on the big screen. "Police are combing the area for Phil Rubenstein, who aparently escaped when the police car he was riding in was hit by a truck and was sent flying off the road into this ditch. The officers in the car were badly injured and have been flown to UCI medical center..."

Mona, not knowing the events that occurred earlier that evening, starts musing, "Wow...Norman, we used to work with Phil. I wonder what in the world he did to get arrested in the first place."

"Kidnapping," answers Norman.

"Kidnapping? Why would he do that? Who did he kidnap?" asks Mona, puzzled.


"You!?!" gasped Mona, "Norman, are you joking with me?"

"I'm afraid not," replied Norman, sheepishly.


Norman stood there, wanting to tell Mona everything, to share with her everything he had worked on and why Phil wanted to steal it from him. But Project Street Hawk was a Level 10 classified project, sharing details of the project with anyone outside the project was a violation of federal law punishable by immediate termination of employment and a 20 year prison sentence.

Sensing that Norman was struggling whether or not to tell her something that maybe he shouldn't, Mona reassured Norman, "If I'm not on a 'need to know' basis, it's okay Norman. I worked for the government too, you know. I know how they operate."

"I know, Mona...but it's just...if you're ever going to really get to know me...if we're ever really going to be close, I have to tell you what I've been working on for the last 5 years."

"Norman...you don't have to tell me about it. But if you want to tell me about it, I'd love to hear."

"Okay," said Norman, taking in a deep breath, "What I am about to tell you is top secret information, it is not to be shared with anyone else under any circumstances..."

"You're so romantic, Norman," teased Mona.

Norman smiled back. He thinks to himself, "She's perfect. Absolutely perfect." Then he begins to tell her about Project Street Hawk.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Outside Command Center a taxi pulls up. The cab driver gets out and helps a man out of the back seat, "You sure you're going to be okay?" he asks the passenger.

"Yeah, there's a 24-hour urgent care center down the block. I'll be fine."

Having driven a cab for 10 years in the city of Los Angeles, the driver has learned not to ask too many questions or get involved with his passenger's problems, "Okay, if you say so."

As the cab drives off the figure walks up to the door of Command Center. It's a plain metal door, surface rust and peeling paint mask it's importance. The overhead light flickers momentarily. The figure looks up at it, exposing his bloody face. Phil fumbles around in his pocket and finds a keyring. He looks at it and thinks to himself, "Well, Norman, you may have been the better engineer...but I'm a much better pickpocket!" He chuckles and then starts putting keys into the lock until he finds the one that fits. He turns the lock and walks into the dark warehouse, intent on finding out the secrets therein.
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"Norman's Nemesis"

Post by janice » Wed Oct 04, 2006 11:23 am

Norman and Mona sit side by side on the sofa. "You see, Mona, the past 5 years I have been working on...". A beeping noise interupts Norman's speech. Norman looks startled for a moment.

"I think you pager is going off" Mona points to his side.

"Oh. Yes. Sorry." Norman checks the display. "Oh, no. Mona, I'm sorry. I've got to go. That was my alarm on my lab. Someone is in there."

"Maybe Jesse forgot something and went back." Mona suggests.

"No. It's not Jesse. It is someone unauthorized. I have a camera set up to do facial recognition scans of anyone entering the building. Anyone the computer isn't set to authorize sets off an alarm. I've got to go."

"Do you need to call the police?" Mona asks.

"No police. My reasearch is..." Norman and Mona finish the sentence together, "top secret."

"I understand Norman. Do you need a ride?"

"A ride. Yes, that would be great. I really have to find a new car. This is getting tedious." Norman answers.

"Let me get my keys and we'll go." Mona says as she grabs her purse.

Norman stops Mona on the way to the door and looks her in the eye. "Thanks, Mona. Thanks for understanding - everything."

"Norman, I'm a scientist too. I DO understand. Now, let's go."


"Norman's Nemesis"

Post by janice » Wed Oct 04, 2006 11:27 am

Please help me out here guys. My thyroid meds need changing and I am suffering from some serious brain fog, LOL. Please excuse any typos. Sorry if this story has been rambling.

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"Norman's Nemesis"

Post by pentastar » Wed Oct 04, 2006 2:58 pm

Hey Janice,

Don't worry about it. I wasn't sure if your previous entry was intended to be "The End", but it seemed like we'd wrapped up the story rather quickly. So I decided to employ a cliche of sorts and have the bad guy escape for one last confrontation. Though now that I have him in Command Center I'm not really sure what we should do with him. I was thinking of doing something really radical like having him blow up Command Center, thus opening up options for a new Command Center in a more logical locale. However, that might be taking it a bit too far. Maybe we could throw out ideas before we write anything else. I know part of the fun with these stories is the surprise factor when someone writes something you weren't expecting. But when you get near the end, it is easier to finish the story when we have a common "goal" where it should go.

Let me know what you think. Hope your feeling better soon!


"Norman's Nemesis"

Post by hernesson » Wed Oct 04, 2006 4:54 pm

Ah, I don't think that's so radical! I'd like to see that actually. What exactly is he going to do now he has the key to command centre, redecorate? Rifle through Norm's sock drawer perhaps, move things around a little to mess with Norm's head, put a pair of fluffy dice on the bike. Maybe draw a huge c*ck in permanent marker on the L.A map ????!!!! LMAO
Blow it up ... I double dare you!


"Norman's Nemesis"

Post by janice » Wed Oct 04, 2006 5:24 pm

Though now that I have him in Command Center I'm not really sure what we should do with him. I was thinking of doing something really radical like having him blow up Command Center, thus opening up options for a new Command Center in a more logical locale. However, that might be taking it a bit too far.
ROFL. I had thought the same thing. After reading your last entry, I'm thinking "where the heck do we go with this now?" My first thought was that he blows up the place. My second was that once Norman and gets there he tries to escape on the bike and it throws him off. Dan always liked that bit. Another thought I had was that Jesse does forget something and come back. He and Phil are wrestling when Norman gets there and Norman gets to save Jesse's life. We will have to think on it.

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