"Norman's Nemesis"

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"Norman's Nemesis"

Post by janice » Mon Jan 22, 2007 10:01 am

"Get off the bike," Phil orders waving the gun at him as Jesse frantically scans the room looking for an escape route. Jesse spots a fire extinguisher by the window and complies with Phil's request. He eases his way over toward the window.

Phil in the meantime seems fascinated with Street Hawk. He studies it from every angle. "Medical research" he mumbles sarcastically. With Phil distracted, Jesse sees his opportunity. He grabs the fire extinguisher and slams it into the window hoping the fresh air will disperse the gas. The shattering glass startles Phil. He turns to fire at Jesse. With Phil facing him, Jesse finds the trigger on the extinguisher and sprays Phil full in the face. Howling like a wounded animal, Phil drops the gun and covers his eyes. Jesse heaves the extinguisher at Phil's chest knocking him to the floor.

Jesse makes his way to Street Hawk while Phil frantically tries to clear his eyes and find the gun.


"Norman's Nemesis"

Post by hernesson » Mon Jan 22, 2007 2:11 pm

hehe, extinguisher in the face! Funny. Sounds a little Laurel and Hardy to me!


"Norman's Nemesis"

Post by janice » Mon Jan 22, 2007 2:35 pm

If you have something better, go for it. I thought it worked. Jesse never did do well with guns or fighting. Sort of MacGyverish - use what you have.


"Norman's Nemesis"

Post by ducati749s » Thu Jan 25, 2007 3:27 pm

Jesse sits on Streethawk frantically thinking what to do, while unbenownst to him Phil has just gotten up and has been reunited with his gun,

"Well Jesse", he laughs, "You thought you had beaten me, well, you were wrong", he points the gun at Jesse's visor with a smug look on his face.

"Phil, I have a last request"

"What" he replies

"Can we play a game of catch?"

"Huh" Phil replies as Jessie throws the fire extinguisher at his chest.

"Got to work on your wrist action" says Jessie as Phil falls to the ground with a clunk, his gun laying beside him.
Jesse looks around, surveying in his mind all possible ways of escape, with the gas still lingering he knows he cant use the weapons systems.

"Got it!"He screams as he guns the throttle and spins the bike around

With the speed nearing 65MPH he hopes his plan will work because if it doesnt Streethawk will be no more , the bike rips through the Plasterboard wall as Jessie ducks beneath the screen. He pulls hard on the brakes but fails to stop, realising some debris must have knocked the Front brake callipers out of place he puts his foot firmly on the Rear brake control, the bike skids out of control going into a major slide while Jesse has been slung off the bike and is also skidding along the ground.
"OH NO!" he screams as he sees the bike being flipped about violently, Chunks of bodywork flying everywhere, Norman's dreams with them. The bike eventually comes to rest when it hits a wall with extreme force, Jesse limps over to Streethawk screaming in agony as the pain in his side from the bullet has only been exasserbated by the Fall from the bike.

"What happened to you" he cries out in agony as he surveys the damage to Streethawk;
"Screen ripped off", he says in a saddened voice.

"Aerofoils gone"along with the two side fin panels,

"Chunks of bodywork gone along with the headlight, handlebars bent, wires hanging everywhere, Norm's gonna kill me"

He saddles up once again, a look of determination in his face, the pain in his side still there. He starts the bike, pulls the clutch in, engages first gear, he is all ready to go but he hears a voice coming from the opening in the wall,

"See you in Hell Jesse!"screams Phil as he shoots the fire extinguisher releasing the pressure and turning it into a deadly speeding missile.
Jesse activates the laser, wondering whether it still works after the damage caused by the fall.
The extinguisher still continuing on its path gets blown up by the laser beam sending flying debris everywhere and igniting a propane tank, setting the building ablaze,
"No Phil, see you in Hell" he murmers with displeasure as he puts the damaged bike into gear and carefully rides down the stairs to freedom while behind him the enraged Phil is trapped in the inferno.

I thought at some stage the bike would have to be damaged badly if the series continued so I wrote that into the story line, if you dont like it I'l change it


"Norman's Nemesis"

Post by janice » Thu Jan 25, 2007 3:51 pm

Great job. I was down to having him bust through the wall also. You also got the explosion. I was actually going to have Phil shot the propane tank, but this works. Great (Street Hawk) minds think alike.


"Norman's Nemesis"

Post by ducati749s » Thu Jan 25, 2007 5:11 pm

Great job. I was down to having him bust through the wall also. You also got the explosion. I was actually going to have Phil shot the propane tank, but this works. Great (Street Hawk) minds think alike.
Kinda liked the propane tank idea so I modified it a bit to fit that in, thanks!


"Norman's Nemesis"

Post by janice » Fri Jan 26, 2007 9:56 am

From command center, Norman and Mona watch in horror the scene that is unfolding on the video screen. Just as Jesse crashes through the wall, the screen goes blank. "What the...!?" Norman murmurs while trying to reconnect the video link. "What's happening?! I've lost contact." He says to Mona. Mona sits anxiously while Norman tries to regain access to Street Hawk.

Norman jumps from his chair and paces back and forth across the room. "I'm going down there."

"And do what?" Mona asks.

"To find out what's going on."

"Norman, the police and fire department, not to mention the feds, are already on their way. Won't they wonder why you are there too?"

"I don't know. I'll blend in with the crowd of gawkers."

"What gawkers? Norman, it's the business district late on a Saturday night. No one will be there. Washington will let you know something soon. Just be patient and keep a positive..."

Norman and Mona's conversation is interrupted by the growl of a motorcycle engine as Street Hawk returns to Command Center. Both of the whirl around toward the launch tube just as the doors begin to open. Jesse slowly dismounts and removes his helmet. He walks toward the opening holding his side and sits down on the edge of the platform.

"My bike!!" Norman exclaims. "What did you do to my bike!?"

"It's good to see you too, Norman." Jesse replies sarcastically.

Norman glances between Jesse and Street Hawk. "Oh, are you ok?"

"You're hurt!" Mona gasps and rushes to where Jesse is sitting. She begins pulling the fabric of Jesse's shirt away from the wound. "You've been shot. It looks like it only grazed you though."

"Shot? You were shot? Did the bike take any hits?" Norman asks. Jesse rolls his eyes in reply. "Hey! Why weren't you wearing the bullet proof vest I made for you?"

"Sorry Norman. I was in such a hurry to leave earlier I forgot."

"You forgot?! How could you forget...?

Mona interrupts. "Norman, maybe Jesse ought to go to the hospital."

Norman and Jesse answer at the same time, "No!! No hospital!"

Mona looks confused and shocked. "Hospitals have to report gunshot wounds to the police. Since I am the police, it might look suspicious." Jesse explains.

Mona nods and goes to get the first aid kit and tends Jesse's wound. Norman continues to look over the damage to the bike. "What happened out there?" He asks Jesse. "There are pieces missing."

"Norman, you should be grateful there are pieces left - of either of us. Your buddy Phil tried to blow us both to kingdom come. Have you heard anything form the feds. Did they get him?"

Norman shakes his head no. "I have not heard anything yet."

Jesse slowly rises to his feet and heads toward the dressing room. "Well let me know when you do."

"Where are you going?" Norman asks.

"Home" Jesse answers, "to bed. It's been a long day."

"But the bike...

"Norman look at it this way. Now would be a good time to make any improvements you have been thinking of making. Get Mona to help you. I'm sure she has some new laser technology for you. Plus, you two could spend a lot of time together." Jesse winks at him as he leaves the room.

It's Monday morning and Jesse wearily walks into the office. Rachel glances up from her paperwork then does a double take. "What happened to you?" she asks as she makes her way to Jesse's desk.
"You look like something the cat dragged in."

"Good morning to you too." Jesse replies. He glances around to see iif anyone is listening. "My motorcycle and I could not decide who was riding who."

"Jesse!! You aren't supposed to be riding at all. What about your knee?" Rachel, hands on hips, gives him that "you know better look".

Jesse shrugs. Altobelli's door opens and the commander enters the squad room whistling. "Mach, what happened to you?" Without waiting for an answer, he goes on, "The feds found the guy that stole your friend's identity. Tried to blow himself up in a downtown office building this weekend. A real nutcase - they had to fly him to a burn center for extensive treatment. Oh, and the kids that stole your friends car gave a written confession. He can pick up his car at the impound whenever he wants." The commander starts to walk off and stops. "You really look a little run down. Try some vitamins or something." Altobelli walks away whistling again.

"What's he so happy about?" Jesse asks.

"He's so happy because there have not been any Street Hawk sighting all week. He thinks Street Hawk is gone."

Jesse smiles. "Oh, really? Maybe he's just on vacation."

"Or maybe he just got tired of playing superhero. I only know that it is much more pleasant working here when Street Hawk's not around. Maybe we all will get a break."

Jesse smiles again, "Yeah. Maybe."


"Norman's Nemesis"

Post by janice » Fri Jan 26, 2007 3:24 pm

I think your last post is a good starting point for a new story. Let's put an end to "Norman's Nemesis" (finally, LOL) and start fresh. It's been dragging on a while. We can start the new on with your last post or it can be the ending of "NN" (or both).


"Norman's Nemesis"

Post by ducati749s » Fri Jan 26, 2007 3:26 pm

If you would like to do that then I will cut the post out, slighly modify it and Start a new one, what will we call it? Could be a two parter


"Norman's Nemesis"

Post by janice » Fri Jan 26, 2007 3:28 pm

You start it, you name it, LOL. Sorry. I had a terrible time coming up with "Norman's Nemesis". I still don't like it. Scott. Dan. Help the guy out.

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