A Man Apart

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A Man Apart

Post by ducati749s » Fri Jan 26, 2007 3:50 pm

(To fully understand this you must read Norman's nemesis as this storys start is connected to the end of Norman's nemesis )


Back in Command centre Norman is finishing off repairing Streethawk after Jesse and Phil's final and deadly confrontation last week,

"I still dont know why Jesse had to risk himself and the bike when escaping from Phil."

"Norman, he did what he thought was best, dont take it too hard on him" Mona replies

"Pass me the Blowtorch"

"Norman, you have been ignoring me for..."


"Norman, I have put up with you ignoring me for the past few days, but dont take whatever is wrong with you out on me, This is not the Norman that I know, Call me when you are ready to apologize"

"Mona, I'm sorry, things have been...."

"Goodbye Norman"

As the door to Command centre slams shut, Norman begins to examine his life.
"I've got no wife, no kids, I dont exactly have a mansion, no social life, I have no reason to get up in the morning, but yet I do, I drive to a derelict building, work on a project that has saved many lives, but do I get any recognition for it, No!
Why do I even do it"
Norman at this point has broken down in tears, not knowing what to do he throws down his coat, un tucks his shirt and the door to Command centre shuts once more, for the last time?
Jesse pulls up outside Command Centre.
"Knock Knock, Norman, I got some coffee and doughnuts"
Looking around he notices the Blowtorch on the ground, an array of oily tools everywhere and knows somethings wrong.
"Norman, NORMAN!" he screams, but he only hears his echo bouncing back.
Frantically he wonders what could have happened to Norman,
"Wheres Mona?"he mutters,
He runs over to the phone and calls Mona;

"Hello Mona"


"No time to explain, but wheres Norman?"

"Last time I saw him he was about to have a Nervous breakdown, he seemed on the edge, isnt he in Command Centre?"

"Nervous breakdown" Jesse is visibly shaken,

Mona says nothing, neither does Jesse,

Jesse puts the phone down, Mona closes her eyes and begins to blame herself for Norman's dissappearence.
Jesse meanwhile has found Norman's pager and tracker for his car lying on the ground.
"Great, cant locate him or contact him, just great"


A Man Apart

Post by ducati749s » Sat Jan 27, 2007 6:33 am

What do you think of the title, maybe it would be better as "Norman's Nemesis" Part 2


A Man Apart

Post by hernesson » Sat Jan 27, 2007 4:07 pm

Your story, your title. I like it better than the good, but still rather predictable ..... Part 2.
If it were the Studios deciding, A Man Apart would probably be considered too deep and specific than it need to be. This isn't being done for tv though. Norman's Nemesis Part 2 has a certain action theme title running through it, typical of these kind of shows. I'd go for your original title. A Man Apart.


A Man Apart

Post by janice » Tue Feb 20, 2007 9:40 am

"Jesse? Jesse?" Mona stares at the phone in her hand listening to the buzzing dial tone. Jesse did not explain. He just disconnected the call. Mona gets more worried by the minute, so she grabs her purse and keys as she heads out the door.


At command center, Jesse paces back and forth looking at the abandoned tools on the floor. That is so unlike Norman. He is always so particular about his equipment. Was there and emergency? Jesse just talked to Mona so he knows she is alright. Jesse does not know of any other family. Does Norman have a family? Mona said Norman was nervous, edgy. What was that about? What about the bike? Did Norman finish the repairs?

Jesse continues pacing and thinking until a knock at the door gets his attention. He whirls around and heads for the door. "Whatsamatter Norman? Forget your keys?" Jesse asks as he swings the door open. Only it's not Norman. It's Mona.

"Hi, Jesse. Can I come in? Your phone call worried me. I thought I would come over and find out what's going on."

"Mona. Hi. Sorry. I thought it might be Norman. Sure. Come on in."

Mona looks around the warehouse seeing the tools scattered around the bike. "What's going on, Jesse? Where's Norman? You seemed concerned earlier."

"I am. I came by to see how he was coming with the bike and this is what I found. His equipment on the floor, his pager and the tracker for his car were on the computer console. It's just unlike him to leave everything like this. You said he was upset earlier. What happened?"

Mona stands staring at the tools. "We had an argument. He seemed stressed and on edge. We argued, and I left. I thought he would call in a little while and apologize. He didn't."

"Maybe he just went somewhere to be alone and cool off. I'm sure he's fine." Jesse says trying to reassure Mona, but not quite believing it himself. "He will probably be back in a few hours."

"Yeah. Sure, Jesse. I'm sure you're right." Mona murmurs not quite believing Jesse either.


In the hills overlooking the city, Norman sits on the hood of his car watching the lights below him twinkle in the darkness. He has been gone for hours. Has anyone noticed? Probably not. Mona is probably in her lab wrapped up in one of her projects. She was pretty mad at him when she left. Jesse is probably out on a date. There is no one else really. His parents are gone. There's only....

Norman continues to stare at the lights in the distance. Maybe it's time to finally face the demons of his past. With a sigh, he pushes himself off the hood of the wagon and gets behind the wheel. Maybe it's time to put to rest the thing that has been driving him all these years. Maybe then he can move on and build a life for himself.


A Man Apart

Post by janice » Tue Feb 20, 2007 4:04 pm

Norman drives late into the night. After almost falling asleep at the wheel, he spots a chain motel off the freeway. He pulls off and checks into a room. "I really should call Jesse and Mona" he thinks his dependable nature coming through. Fatigue gets the best of him and he falls asleep before he can complete the action.

The next morning Jesse is turning off the shower taps when he hears the phone ring. He quickly wraps himself in a towel and races for the phone. "Hello" he answers.

"Jesse, it's Norman."

"Norman! Where are you? Is everything okay? We've been..."

"I know Jesse. I'm fine. Look, I just need a little time off. It's...um...personal. I'll be taking some vacation time." Norman cuts in.

"Vacation time? Norman Tuttle? You never take a vacation." Jesse teases.

"Well I am now" Norman barks back. "I'm sorry. I just..."

Jesse is taken aback by Norman's biting response. "Norman, what is it? What happened?"

"Jesse" Norman starts, "Look, with all this stuff with Phil, I just need a little time off. Everything is fine. I've cleared my vacation time with Kirby. Street Hawk is on hold until I get back. Consider yourself on vacation too."

"How long will you be gone? Where are you going? Mona's worried...What about the bike? Did you finish it? "

"I don't know. A couple of weeks maybe. Tell Mona....well tell her I'm sorry and I'll explain when I get back." Norman answers. "Street Hawk is back together. I'll give you a call when I get back" Norman adds and disconnects the call.

"Norman. Norman? Hello?" Jesse calls out. Upon hearing the dial tone, he puts the receiver back in the cradle. Norman is acting very strange. Maybe he does need a vacation. Shaking his head to clear it, Jesse heads back to finish his morning routine.


Jesse sits at his desk at headquarters shuffling through the paperwork on his desk. His mind is still on his conversation with Norman earlier that morning. He taps his pencil repeatedly on his desk wondering what prompted Norman to leave so abruptly.

"Earth to Jesse"

"Huh?" Jesse looks up to find Rachel standing at his side. "Rachel. Did you want something?"

Rachel studies him quizzically. "Where were you? I must have called your name five times. Yes. Are the press releases for the paper ready?"

Jesse looks down at the stack of papers on his desk. "Yeah. Here. Sorry, I guess my mind was somewhere else."

Rachel shakes her head. "Ever since Street Hawk disappeared, everyone is acting strange. Altobelli is walking around on cloud nine, and you are off in another world."

Just then Altobelli sticks his head out of his office door. "Mach, can you come in here for a minute?"

"Speak of the devil" Jesse replies winking at Rachel. "Sure, commander. I'll be right there."

Jesse strides across the room and into the commander's office. "Shut the door" Altobelli says motioning for Jesse to take a seat.

"What's up commander?"

"I got a call from the FBI. The guy who stole your friends identity - Phil...." Altobelli looks at his notes for a last name.

"Rubenstein" Jesse finishes for him.

"Yeah. Rubenstein. He didn't make it. He died at the burn center a few hours ago."

Clenching his jaw, Jesse refuses to feel sorry for Phil. "That's too bad" he responds.

"The feds did get a chance to question him before he died. How well do you know your friend Norman?" Altobelli wants to know.

"Norman? He's a friend. I know him well enough" Jesse answers wondering if it is true. "Why?"

"Seems Rubenstein had an accomplice in his little plot. Actually, he was just carrying out orders."

"Orders? For who?"

Altobelli slides a photo across the desk. "One Ray Corrido."

"Corrido?!" Jesse's head jerks up.

"Anthony Corrido's brother."

Jesse stares at the photo in front of him. His head starts to spin at the possibilities. Was he the intended target? Why attack Norman? Did they know about Street Hawk?

"Now why would Corrido's brother go after your friend Norman?" Altobelli asks as Jesse is wondering the same thing.


A Man Apart

Post by janice » Tue Feb 20, 2007 4:15 pm

It is not necessarily my intention to bring back Anthony Corrido - yet. I'm just opening a door for another installment or another story.


A Man Apart

Post by janice » Fri Feb 23, 2007 2:39 pm

Norman hangs up the phone after talking to Jesse. He hates being so reticent, but this is something he must deal with on his on. He checks out of his room and climbs into the wagon for the last leg of his journey.

An hour later, the station wagon pulls to a stop in front of a long institutional building. The sign out front reads "Mayfield Long Term Care Facility". "This is it" Norman thinks to himself looking over the place. The grounds are immaculately kept. The building well maintained. Several people wander or sit on benches in the garden at the left of the property. With a sigh, Norman pulls into the parking lot and finds a space for his car. He sits for a moment before opening the door and climbing out. "No turning back now. Let's go do this" he prompts himself as he heads for the front door.

Norman enters the sterile smelling building. A comfortably furnished room sits off to his left. Residents are lounging in front of a large television. Several are visiting with friends or family members. On his right is what looks to be a recreation room. A group of ladies are chatting while they knit. Norman walks further into the building until he comes to a crossroads. Looking left to right unsure which way to go, he is startled by a voice behind him. "Can I help you, sir?"

"Oh. Yes. Umm...I'm looking for room 116." He says to the lovely young lady in nursing garb.

"Straight down the hall to your left. Come on. I'll show you. Mr. Tuttle's room, right?"

"Uh...yes. Mr. Tuttle's room. Thanks." Norman answers uncomfortably.

The young lady, her name tag says "Laura", falls in step beside him. "Are you a relative?"

"What...ummm...yes. I...I'm his brother."

"Oh. Mr. Tuttle does not get a lot of visitors. I did not know if he had relatives or not."

"I live out of town." Norman explains.

Laura stops and points to the door on the right. "Well, here we are. Room 116. Have a nice visit. I'm sure he'll enjoy the company."

Norman takes a deep breath and steps up to the door. He nervously wipes his hands on his pants legs before rapping his knuckles on the door. When there is no answer, he opens the doors and peeks in. A neatly dressed man a little younger than himself sits in a chair staring blankly at a tv screen. On the screen a game show host urges on a contestant. The man shows no reaction. Norman clears his throat as he enters the room. "Joey. Hey. How ya doing? It's me. Norman." The man continues to stare at the screen. Norman continues into the room and sits in the chair beside Joey. "I'm sorry I have not been in a while. Well, it's been a long time. It looks like you get real good care here. Joey, I came to tell you how sorry I am. I....I know it's my fault you are...um...in this place. I just want to let you know I'm sorry." Norman sighs as Joey continues to stare blankly at the tv. "Well...I...um...I'm working on an interesting project now. It involves a motorcycle. Let me tell you a little about it." Joey blinks.


A Man Apart

Post by janice » Fri Feb 23, 2007 4:36 pm

Two men in a car watch Norman enter the building. One of them picks up a cellular phone and dials a number. "Yeah" a voice says on the other end, "Where's Tuttle?"

"He just went into what looks like an old folks home. Must be visiting his grandma or something - Mayfield Long Term Care"

There's silence on the other end while the party thinks about the situation. "Keep watching him and see where he goes next." There's a click and the line disconnects.


A Man Apart

Post by janice » Fri Mar 09, 2007 5:36 pm

Back at police headquarters:

Jesse picks up the photo of Ray Corrido studying it and ignoring Altobelli's question. Maybe a sidestep will throw the commander off. "What do we have on Ray Corrido? Is he in the same business as his brother?"

Altobelli leans forward in his chair to study the Corrido file. "Nothing much really. He owns several car dealerships - European imports. Makes a good living at it, but nothing to indicate anything illegal. He did inherit his brother's estate."

"Do you have Anthony Corrido's file there?" Jesse asks.

"Right here. I don't know what you think you'll find." Altobelli answers as he hands him the folder.

Jesse studies the file for a moment. Something in the accident report jumps out at him. "It says here that no body was recovered at the scene. I s...I thought Corrido went over the cliff in the truck. What happened to the body?"

"The fire from the truck was so intense the body would not have survived. The fire burned the area around the truck also. It was a could of days before investigators could get in to have a look. Not much was left. It was assumed the body was destroyed in the fire. The surroundings are was searched thoroughly. There was no way Corrido could have survived the crash or the blaze."

Stunned and angry Jesse stares at his superior. "Why was I never told about this?"

"I didn't think you needed to know back then. You needed to focus on your recovery. It was never a secret."

Although a million thoughts are running through his head, Jesse tries to keep him mind on the current situation with Phil, Norman & Ray Corrido. "What about Phil's confession about Ray Corrido? What's happening there?"

"The Feds tried to pick him up for questioning, but they haven't been able to locate him yet. You need to warn your friend Norman to be careful."

Jesse nods in agreement. He only wishes he knew how.

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