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Street Hawk was a short lived television series that aired back in 1985 on ABC.  It lasted only one season and there were only 13 episodes ever made (what a shame!).  The show was about a cop name Jessie Mach who was picked to test a top secret government project called Street Hawk.  His partner Norman Tuttle, the designer of the motorcycle, was in charge of the project.  Jessie would cruise the streets of L.A. on the bike while Norman sat back at command center guiding Jessie.  Together they would fight crime on the Streets of Los Angeles.

On my website you will find pictures, sounds, videos, and info on  this great show from the 80’s.  While you’re here be sure to visit our forum and join in on the discussion about this short lived 80’s TV show.

The man…The machine…Street Hawk!


News and Updates

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  • Street Hawk DVD Review - A few days ago I received a copy of the US version of Street Hawk: The Complete Series courtesy of Shout Factory and Fabulous Films.  I have taken some time to view all of the extras, plus bits and pieces Continue reading
  • Street Hawk to be released on DVD! - Street Hawk is finally getting an official DVD release. The DVD is set to be released in the first quarter of 2010 and will contain interviews of the original cast. Click here to read more on this exciting news!.
  • Exclusive Interview with Producer Robert Wolterstorff - I was recently contacted Robert via email.  He was kind enough to answers some questions and share some behind the scene photos from Street Hawk.  To read the entire interview, click here.