Street Hawk to be released on DVD!

Street Hawk is finally getting an official DVD release. The DVD is set to be released in the first quarter of 2010 and will contain interviews of the original cast. Click here to read more on this exciting news!.

One thought on “Street Hawk to be released on DVD!

  1. There is one 2 CD boot floating around – this may be the same one with different track names – which is made up of the official TD Streethawk theme recording, the remix, the fan made “tribute” recording ( Streethawk Returns and Streethawk Advdentures by Julian Pilati ) … …But then the vast majority of tracks are just cues pulled from existing TD soundtrack albums – Risky Business, Thief, Flashpoint, Firestarter etc; plus a number of album tracks – simply renamed as if they were from the series So in short , 2 CD’s of TD music, 90% of which are from other soundtracks and albums that aren’t connected to Streethawk at all.

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