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Welcome to the downloads area.  Here you will find video clips, sounds, fonts, wallpapers and games from the television show Street Hawk.

Video Clips

Click on the clip titles to watch the clips. The video clips will open in a new window.

Opening Credits and Intro
Opening credits and Intro

Pilot Episode Clip
Jessie takes the bike for a test drive.

A Second Self
Jessie pursues a car thief.

Hot Target
Jessie comes to the rescue of Norman and Mona.

The Arabian
Street Hawk tries to stop a horse thief.

Fire on the Wing
Street Hawk enters a burning house to save Rachael.

Murder is a Novel Idea
Street Hawk keeps a book author from being buried alive.

Follow the Yellow Gold Road
Jessie and Norman have some problems with the bike.

Music & Sounds

The soundtrack for Street Hawk was performed by Tangerine Dream.  Only the main theme (Le Parc) was officially released, however many of their other tracks from that time period contain samples from Street Hawk.  Some of the tracks the have a ‘Street Hawk’ feel are “Cool breeze of Brighton”, “Gaudi Park“, “Going West”, “Highway Patrol”, “Horns Of Doom”, ‘Phaedra of Nottingham” and “Vermillion Sands”.

To listen to the tracks below, plus others, you can click here to open the music player.

Full Version of the Theme Song – 3:20
From Tangerine Dream’s LeParc Album (MP3)

Street Hawk Theme Song – 0:39
From the end of the show (96 KB)

Street Hawk Theme Song – 1:02
From the beginning of the show (235 KB)

The Story – 0:30
This is Jessie Mach…… (116 KB)

Street Hawk Returns (Full Album)
Street Hawk Returns – A fictional soundtrack by Julian Pilati (25 MB)

Street Hawk Adventures (Full Album)
Street Hawk Adventures – A recreation of the Street Hawk soundtrack plus other songs – by Julian Pilati (27 MB)

Street Hawk –  A tribute by Jonny Maudling
A very good mix of the music from Street Hawk created by Jonny Maudling of the band Bal-Sagoth (4.3 MB)

Street Hawk  – The Moog Mix
by Sebastian Bachlinski (

Street Hawk – Paino Re-Make
by R-M@N alias Dj EmatuM


Serpentine Bold

Babylon 5 Hollow

















This spectrum game was released in 1985 by Ocean software.  Click on the Image to download the game. You will need a Spectrum ZX Emulator to play this game.  It can be found here.You can also play the game online by clicking here.